Cable twisting

With our Twister-technologies we assure perfectly twisted cables according to LV122. PRO TWIST allows the high-quality twisting operation of two-, three-, and four-fold individual strands, without creating nodes or loop-imperfections (errors).

Pro Twist Basic

Twisting of two insulated, crimped, single cables - or single cables with already assembled seals.

Available Equipment:
• PRO Twist Basic A (Tension force through spring force)
• PRO Twist Basic B (Pneumatic tension force and strain relief)

• Tension carriage for standard length up to 2,5 m
• Tension carriage for cable length uo to 5 m (PRO Twist Basic A)
• Cable guidance for cable length greater than 2 m
• Different clamping devices for variousinsulation-material(s)

Pro Twist 1000

Twisting of two, three and four individual strands, which can be unprocessed, stripped,crimped, or assembled with seals

Available twisting heads:
• double Twisting head with / without length compensation
• Triple Twisting head
• Quadruple Twisting head

• modem interface for remote maintenance
• data communication program on Pc
• grip- and pull-force adjustment through program
• machinery-extensions in 3-meter-segments
• information board and service-drawer