Our equipments in the range of cable(end)processing roughen or notch cables with different sheaths (PVC; PUR, PTFE, etc.). Also a controlled equip from connector housings are possible.


The equipment ROUFIX is used to roughen/groove the cable and therefore prepare the same for the up following molding process (encapsulation) - therefore, creating a higher density and tensile force between the cable and the molded form. The customer specific requirements are assured thorugh the specially designed roughing stone or grooving tools, which allows the process on the entire surface.


PROCONEX ensures uniform quality at a high level during the fitting on connector housings. Various check options can bne configured. 

Check options:
• color recognition
• Push-Back-Test
• Pull-Back-Test
• Cnnector depth measurer
• Spacer-locking
• leak test
• etc.


The PROCOM allows the gentle, accurate, and fast assembly of grommets onto the connector housing – in which the grommet seals the open space between cable and connector housing without damaging the cable, contacts, or the plug connection.