Grommet and Tube Assembly

For many decades now, PRO.EFF has convinced its customers with mounting aids in the area of elastically grommets across all sector-borders. Two different types of technologies are used, which ensure inexpensive and proper installation.


Airstream technology uses a current of air to position cable grommets on sensor cables. The tool modules have an air nozzle and grommet-specific loading masks. An air current expands the cable grommets in the loading matrices. The air cushion between the inside of the grommet and the outside of the cable allows the cable to float through the grommet until it reaches its end position, and the grommets are laid in their intended position. A sensor integrated in the loading masks checks the presence of the grommets and ensures the cables are fully assembled. Finally, depending on the type of system, the cables can be accurately cut and stripped on one or both sides.


With the EXTENDOR is an easy and ergonomic mounting of grommets onto wires/harnesses can be achieved. The grommets can be placed user-defined at any position of the cable.