Testing facilities

Thanks to our innovative strength, we also play an important role for functional testing systems. Several types of tests are possible, like mechanical, electrical and electronic. Additional stations can be integrated and includes from high-voltage, vibration and eddy current inspection up to image processing.

Eddy current testing system

Our high-tech machines check individuell deep-drawing parts from inside and outside on cracks and material defecs.

• automatic feed (single or multi-lane) with parts-bulk
• highly sensitives sensors
• various check and turning stations
• ejection and verification of IO and NIO parts
• vibrations-free base frame
• touchpanel with simple menu operation

Seat and Backrest test bench

Complex tests with several inspection parameters, e.g. motorised adjustment, seat heating, massage function and additional features can be done with our seat and backrest test bench.

Image processing system

Visual features are identified with the aid of image processing systems based on a image recording (camera, scanner). A comparison of recording and defined factor is performed. As result the parts are verified.

• identification of deep-drawing parts
• automatic feed of the test pieces
• rotational testing with a camera
• comparison of the data with the specification
• ejection and verification of IO and NIO parts